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Get the most out of our lenses with our dedicated service and support. Whether you need further details on lens specifications, wish to register a product or are looking for further insights into /i Technology, you’ve come to the right place.

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Authorised Service Centres

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Cooke UK

Cooke Close
Thurmaston Leicester
United Kingdom

Cooke USA

4131 Vanowen Pl
2nd floor
CA 91505

Cooke Shanghai

Suite 603
6th floor Tower A Noble International Centre Lane
908 Xiuwen Road Min Hang District
Shanghai 201199

Cooke Beijing

Chaowai SOHO, Bldg. B, 6th Floor, Suite 0621,
Chaowai Street,
Chaoyang District,
Beijing 100020

Abelcine LA Service

801 South Main Street
CA 91506


Duclos Lenses
20222 Bahama Street
CA 91311

Abelcine NY Service

68 35th St. 4th Floor
NY 11232

Technology Support

Browse our hub of resources around /i Technology, from manuals to lens display software.

Technology FAQs

All of your /i Technology queries answered, from setup to post-production.

Technical Documentation

Cooke /i Data

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Updates: Cooke /i Lenses

Cooke /i New Firmware, Release Notes & FAQs

271.2 KB
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Lens Hardware, CORE Commands

Cooke /i Protocol - Part I: Version 5.0 2021

1.8 MB
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Cooke /i Lens Types and Hardware

Cooke /i Lens Manual - Part II: Version 5.0 2021

1.5 MB
Cooke Logo
Inertial, Shading and Spherical Distortion Data

Cooke /i Lens Models - Part III: Version 5.0 2021

2 MB
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Capturing /i Technology metadata for VFX

Workflow suitable when using cameras equipped with /i Technology

1.2 MB
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Capturing /i Technology metadata for VFX

Recording takes place via Ambient Lockit or Transvideo Rainbow monitors.

1.4 MB
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Connect USB device to Parallels on MAC

The Cooke Calibration Program can only run on Windows OS.

229.9 KB

Depth of Field Tables

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Depth of Field Tables

Anamorphic/i, 5/i, S4/i miniS4/i, Zoom 35mm, Sk4 16mm, Zoom 16mm

2.5 MB

Technical Essays

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Technical Discussion on what 4k really means

Are your lenses good enough for 4k?

120.1 KB
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By Jonathan Maxwell - Cooke Optics Ltd. Leicester UK

S35 Horizontal Field Angles

85.3 KB
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By Jonathan Maxwell - Cooke Optics Ltd. Leicester UK

Exit Pupil Position for Cooke Lenses

48.4 KB
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Related to the shape and the area of the bokeh - By Jon Maxwell - Cooke Optics Ltd.

Aesthetic Role of Depth of Field in Anamorphic Cinematography

131.3 KB
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By Jon Maxwell and Trevor Ayrton - Cooke Optics Ltd. Leicester UK

S35 Cooke Varotal and Cinetal Coverage

90.6 KB
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by Jonathan Maxwell - Cooke Optics Ltd. Leicester UK

Light Loss at Close Focus

54.8 KB
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By Jonathan Maxwell - Cooke Optics Ltd. Leicester UK

Light Loss at Close Focus r-1

46.5 KB



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Common to all Cooke S7/i, Panchro/i Classic, 5/i, S4/i, miniS4/i, Anamorphic/i and Zoom Lenses

Lens Specifications

1.2 MB
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/i Technology is an evolving industry standard, to ensure metadata compatibility downstream from acquisition through post production

/i Technology

1.8 MB

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