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Tradition of Innovation

For over 100 years, Cooke has been at the centre of the filmmaking business, listening to the community of which we are a part. We lead by introducing new products such as /i Technology, and we remember our success is built on a simple idea - do what the filmmaker needs.

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    • Apocalypse Now
    • Director of Photography: Vittorio Storaro

Our Factory

Each Cooke lens is handcrafted at our factory in Leicester, UK. With generations from the same family working alongside one another, we’re founded over 100 years of tradition, expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Classic methods, precise insights and craftsmanship come together to produce the Cooke Look we’re known and loved for across a full range of primes and zooms for 35mm, digital and Super 16mm photography, plus a range of large format stills lenses.

We know our customers, and they know us, as individuals. Our rental partners do their training next to the craftsmen who built their lenses. There are no barriers. We meet our customers at our factory, at trade events, distributors and rental houses and of course on the set.

We’re intolerant when it comes to tolerances. We research continuously to drive innovation. Our lenses are dependable and practical in use on the set; our optics superb. The lenses are straightforward to maintain – which is why so many rental facilities carry our products. Our manufacturing and testers keep going until we get each lens within our very tight specification. We get it right, whatever it takes.


Our People

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The Cooke Look

Discover what defines the unique rendering of a Cooke lens and the heritage, innovation and craft behind them.