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Matches Fashion ‘Everyday Beautiful’

This award winning elegant video when hosted on the Matches website allowed viewers to click on the...

“This award winning elegant video when hosted on the Matches website allowed viewers to click on the buyable items that the model interacts with as she passes through the house. It is a great example of using one long take to captivate the viewer and effortlessly provides a glimpse into the aspirational lifestyle and clothing the company is known for.”

Lens/Camera Information
Lens series: S4/i
Focus lengths: 21mm
Original Aspect Ratio: 16×9
Cameras: Arri Alexa SXT // Steadicam
Format: Digital
Rental Company: Arri Rental

DOP Information
Director of Photography:  Tom Wade
Agent: Arri Crew

Production Information
Production: Matches Fashion ‘Everyday Beautiful’
Producer: Katy Benham
Directors: Gene Limbrek (Concept) Robbie Newby (Shoot)
Colourist: Dan Moran
Production Company: CLM Film

Award: Berlin Fashion Film Festival Bronze Cinematography award 2017

DOP Tom Wade on his lens choice:
“I chose to shoot this on a 21mm Cooke S4 as I felt it was the most ‘complete’ lens technically and artistically given the brief of this being a fashion job and one take on Steadicam. The main things I took into consideration were: Spherical, weight, size, T-stop, close focus and image quality with no filtration. Ultimately this lens offered the most pleasing wider and closer field of view given the location layout and the image rendition was the perfect mix of modern, low distortion and aberration but still a softness and roundness to the image that felt right for this job. As I was riding the Iris throughout the take the smoothness of the aperture blades changing stop was important as well. I have to give huge thanks and admiration to Rick Woolard (Steadicam) and Phil Hardy (Focus) who really nailed this technically ambitious shot.   ”