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My Protein - Forever Fit

For every rep, every run, every race.

“For every rep, every run, every race. For always giving your all. We are the fuel your body needs to succeed. Forever. Joshua Buatsi (Professional Boxer), Emelye Dwyer (Crossfit Athlete), Zack George (Crossfit Athlete), Kira Toussaint (Olympic Swimmer), Gerald Alavazo (Bodybuilder), Lucy Turner (Heptathlete) all star in myprotein's 'Forever Fit' campaign to promote the importance of the consistency required when training to be fit forever.”

Lens/Camera Information
Lens series: Panchro/i Classic
Focus length: 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm
Original Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Camera: Arri Alexa Mini
Format: Digital
Rental Company: Shift4

DOP Information
Director of Photography: James Killeen

Production Information
Producer: Ste Delahunty
Director: Jarred Mcknight
Colourist: Tetragrade
Post Production Company: THG Studios

DOP James Killeen and Director Jarred McKnight on their lens and equipment choices

“For the ‘forever fit’ story to be told by the athletes, we needed them to be 100% authentic on film, and to take as little spatial, and facial direction as possible. The visuals needed to match their raw energy.

James Killeen – DOP

“Having worked with Jarred (Director) a number of times before, he knew of my love for what I call the “Cooke look” and this time suggested that we switch it up from the S4’s to the Panchro’s. I’ve always been a lover of lenses with a lot of character, so it didn’t take much persuading.”

It was important for us to be nimble enough to move around the location freely so that each athlete had enough room to exercise just as they would if we weren’t there. The lightweight lenses allowed me to handheld operate the camera with only a cine-saddle for 6 days straight, mostly using the top handle, something that wouldn’t have been possible with many other cumbersome lenses.

The lens and filtration combo of the Cooke Panchro’s and Black Promist delivered a final image that looked soft and cinematic without being over dramatized. I was shooting most of the action at distance, following movement on the 50mm with a 90 degree shutter. However, there was something special that happened every time we swung to the 32mm. I’d set the aperture wide open and push towards the athlete in an uncomfortably close position just as they were reaching their peak in performance. This meant there was no choice but to show struggle, pain or exhaustion and made for some pleasing portraits. These two lenses were the go-to’s for this spot.

Jarred Mcknight (Director)

“Matching the classic look and the performance of the ‘new’ Panchros, at t 2.2 allowed us to play into James’ strengths of being up close and personal with the talent, whilst shooting as shallow as possible. I wanted the camera in awkward positions to make the viewer feel as if they are involved in the workout.

The point of the creative, was to remove the bullshit from sports nutrition advertising. I wanted a collection of shots, and quotes that didn’t just feel real, but were actually real.

I didn’t want elaborate, electronic lighting setups, perfectly framed shots, that were choreographed to within an inch of their lives.

This is why James was the obvious choice to shoot the campaign. He understands why I want the camera in certain positions, and lens choices that mirror the person and event that they participate in. Close and wide for combat sports, and longer lenses for more physical endeavours such as running and swimming.”