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Feature Film

Secrets of the Wind

Secrets of the Wind is a coming of age story about a girl and her love affair with a ghost who died in the Vietnam War.

“Secrets of the Wind is a coming of age story about a girl and her love affair with a ghost who died in the Vietnam War. The movie delves on the generation gap between a Vietnam torn by the war and the modern society who has forgotten about it.”

Lens/Camera Information
Lens series:  S7/i
Focus lengths: 16mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 135mm
Other lenses: Angénieux Optimo Zoom Lens 48-130mm
Original Aspect Ratio: 2:35
Camera: Arri Alexa Mini, Arri Alexa XT
Format: Digital
Rental Company: PS Vietnam

DOP Information
Director of Photography: Linh Dan Nguyen Phan

Production Information
Production: Secrets of the Wind
Producer: Ngo Thi Bich Hien
Director: Quang Binh
Colourist: Kantana
Production Companies: BHD, CJ HK Entertainment, Vietnam Studio, FPT Television
Distributor: BHD

Busan International Film Festival Worldwide Premiere

DOP Linh Dan Nguyen Phan on her lens choice:
“The movie is a coming of age with touches of fantasy, dealing with generation dynamic between two young adults, a soul of a 17 year old boy from the 70s and a girl in modern time. The movie could be seen as a forgotten memory of the main character. When reading the script I somehow imagined the story as an animated film so I wanted the look of the film to have a painterly effect in the focus fall out and in the colors, I knew I wanted to go with Cooke lenses. After testing, I immediately decided on the Cooke s7/i because it gave really sharp images to capture the modern life while still maintaining a gentle and dreamy look as I wanted the image to reflect the blurry memory that plays out. The lens perfectly captures the clash between the characters and both of the worlds in which the movie is set in. We shot in Da Lat in the fog season and that was an important point of the story too, the lens really captured the fog’s soft quality while still keeping it sharp. We also used 1/8 black magic hollywood filter for the scenes where the fantasy side of the story took place as well as for the war flashback scenes to further push the nostalgic feeling to the images. These lenses definitely helped me in creating the eyes I wanted the audience to see the story through. ”