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New Cooke /i3 Technology System

The Next Generation of Metadata Capture for Film and Digital Systems. The /i Squared and /i Cubed Technology system (patent pending) build on the capabilities of Cooke’s /i Technology, metadata system.

The newest /i Squared functions provide inertial tracking and shading data in addition to lens metadata to be used by applications such as matchmoving and 3D camera tracking. The position and orientation data, in addition to the lens data will help VFX teams to better deal with common issues like occlusions, fast camera motion (motion blur) and other known challenges associated with fast paced camera motions typical of today’s cinema style. Inertial tracking, now part of /i Squared Technology, will help achieve these robust results by providing refined motion sensor data as links to PFTrack’s sophisticated algorithms for better feature matching and solved 3D camera tracking under such conditions. Cooke Spherical lenses with /i Cubed Technology include all that /i Squared offers along with distortion data.

NEW /i Cubed provides distortion mapping for faster and more cost-effective post production processes. This is not just a theoretical measurement of all lenses of a particular focal length but is specific to the lens being used, which is important for applications like 3D camera tracking and 3D modelling.

“We’ve been talking for a long time with our friends at Codex and The Pixel Farm about how we could improve both the physical and digital capabilities of /i Technology in order to further assist VFX teams - for instance, to help them solve difficult tracking shots.”
Tim Pugh, Chief Executive Officer, Cooke Optics

/i Technology has received wide support in the industry from companies who are adopting /i Technology within their own products, including Avid, Sony, ARRI, ZEISS,Thales Angenieux, Codex, The Pixel Farms and RED

Michael Lancaster, Managing Director, The Pixel Farm, said, “Having assisted Cooke in the development of /i Technology and subsequently being an early adopter of the technology, it is incredibly exciting for us to be a partner in a technological advancement that will really benefit and push forward post production.“

Marc Dando, Managing Director, Codex, said, “Codex has been on the leading edge of capturing and distributing metadata for many years. Lens data can be so valuable in post production and we need to ensure that this data is carried through from camera through to post and VFX.”

Johan-Fredrik Bødtker, Cinematographer, Valkrien TV Series said, “The metadata really helped me get the shots. I felt more in control and could always watch my T-stop and focus range in the viewfinder without having to stop shooting to remove my eye from the eyepiece. And, the AC doesn’t have to mumble ‘close range’ all the time because he knows I actually know the limits .”

The new /i Squared and /i Cubed Technology systems are backward compatible with Cooke’s standard /i Technology software. An inexpensive upgrade is available for preexisting Cooke /i lenses. Cooke lenses with /i Squared Technology became available in 2014 and Cooke spherical lenses with /i Cubed Technology in 2018. Both will soon be available for miniS4/i lenses.

ZEISS eXtended data is included in Cooke /i Technology providing shading and distortion data for post-production.

The Ambient MasterLockit Plus reads, stores and provides Cooke /i Cubed lens metadata in real-time via Wi-Fi. Connect this box to your lens for wireless interaction with Pomfort’s DIT tools and save a lot of time in post-production. Features include highly accurate timecode generator, transceiver, ACN masterclock and on-set hub for technical and content-related metadata. See workflows suitable when using cameras with or without /i Technology