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/i Technology is an open protocol, designed and developed by Cooke Optics. Our goal is to provide an open standard that will help streamline and enhance the process of filmmaking by making equipment digitally compatible from production through post. Look for the /i logo.

Become an /i Technology Partner

Our goal is to provide the filmmaking industry with a digital open standard to ensure metadata compatibility from acquisition through post production. For companies interested in becoming an /i Technology partner by incorporating /i protocol into your product, contact us.

Aaton has built /i support into their Penelope 35mm camera for direct metadata capture via /i contacts in the lens mount.
The Lockit+ is able to record camera and lens metadata of supported devices, provides the information automatically with 3rd party tools in real time via WiFi – such as the LockitScript App for script supervisors or Pomfort Live Grade.
Accurate and precise lens control with feedback are intrinsic to the Andra Motion Focus System. /i Technology sustains our methods for advanced lens control and will be supported by our product line.
An option for all light-weight Optimo or Optimo Style lenses, the Angénieux Servo Unit (ASU) provides control of zoom, focus and iris and is compatible with broadcast remote handles, cinema remote controls and wireless remotes. It generates lens metadata based on the Cooke/i technology protocol.
ARRI ALEXA XT/XR cameras support Cooke /i protocols and will be included in ALEXA Classic cameras with a PL-LDS mount. Being able to recognize the ARRI LDS, as well as the Cooke /i system, allows ALEXA to read and record lens metadata from all lenses with built-in encoders for more efficient working on the set and speedier VFX in post.

There are 41 models of lenses from ARRI that support the Lens Data System (LDS), and support for the Cooke /i Technology system is underway.
ARR/Zeiss Master Anamorphics, ARRI/Zeiss Master Primes, ARRI/Zeiss Master Macro 100, ARRI/Zeiss LDS Ultra Primes, ARRI/Zeiss Master Zoom 16.5 - 110, ARRI/Fujinon Alura Lightweight Zooms
8K Real-time MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) Measurement System (IP-8030) can analyze lens metadata based on the Cooke/i technology, ARRI LDS and SMPTE RDD 18 protocol. The analysis result (Company/Model name, Serial Number, Focal length, Focus distance, Iris) can be displayed on GUI and saved to Excel (XLSX) file.
The ability to record /i data with the Atomos field recorder.
Avid Media Composer editing system takes lens metadata captured with /i and passes it through to VFX.
Birger Engineering
Birger Engineering put /i Technology into their lens control systems.
Blackmagic Design
Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro and URSA Broadcast cameras feature contact pins in the URSA Mini Pro PL Mount. This enables recording of Cooke’s i/Technology lens information to Blackmagic RAW files for use in DaVinci Resolve and Fusion, or any software that supports the Blackmagic RAW SDK.
The Canon CINE-SERVO 17-120mm T2.95 zoom lens and new Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 Ultra-Telephoto Zoom lens include industry-standard camera-to-lens communication protocols for 12-pin serial communication, Cooke's /i Technology and Canon EOS-LENS data communication technology.
Chrosziel is adding /i Technology to their products
Cinematography Electronics
The Cinematography Electronics /i Lens Display Unit interfaces the Cooke S4/i lens system with their popular CineTape Measure System, and adds lens data previously not available: actual measured subject distance. The focus puller now knows where the subject falls within the depth-of-field for the particular lens being used. This data is continuously updated and displayed for real time information. Pre-adjustment or pre-setting is never necessary. In fact, you can choose to display hyper focal distance, subject distance, focus marks, the entrance pupil position and angle-of-view, which is information that could save hours of prep time before a motion control shoot.
With /i equipped CMotion lens control systems, your zoom controller can communicate directly with your /i equipped lens giving you iris, zoom and focus positions resulting in faster set-ups and more accurate control.
Codex Data Logger One can record Cooke's /i lens metadata, from Cooke lenses (and any lenses supporting /i Technology). This single channel serial data recorder can capture Cooke’s new /i Squared metadata, including the new inertial data along with focus distance, depth of field, focal zoom position, iris settings and more. This then feeds into the other metadata managed by Codex for complex projects.
Factory Optic
Factory Optic created a metadata tool for virtual production - the SYNRO-LINK MARK ZERO. When using live action cameras for AR, Simulcam, VR and XR, perfect sync between the virtual camera and the live action camera is essential. For this reason, SYNCRO-LINK MARK ZERO was developed for use with the Fujinon Premista Series Full-Frame Zoom lenses and is now supporting a number of direct metadata connections, across the industry, including Cooke /i with Zeiss eXtended data.
Fujinon's "Premista" Full Frame Zoom range and "Cabrio" Super-35 Zoom range (when used with an optional Digital Drive Unit) are fully compatible with the /i Technology system, providing vital zoom, focus and aperture metadata information to the cinematographer.
Global Boom International
Adding /i Technology to their metabones product line.
IB/E Optics
IB/E optics has worked in the field of technical and industrial optics for 25 years. In the last 5 years, they began developing systems around the professional cine world: The HD Scope, MTF Star (Cinec Award 2010), HDx35 , HDx2, PLx2 and other equipment. IB/E Optics is currently working on a series of professionals cine lenses which will include /i Technology.
Leitz Cine Wetzlar
Leica Thalia prime lenses include /i Technology len metadata via standard contacts at 12 o'clock position at rear of PL mount.
Lexhag adding /i Technology to their products.
Lonely Films
Lonely Films adding /i Technology to their products.
Mark Roberts Motion Control
The /i Technology is incorporated into some of the Mark Roberts Motion Control remote and repeatable pan-tilt heads, such as the Ulti-head, so that while the cameraman is controlling the head, including pan, tilt, zoom and focus, the system can also accurately record the calibrated lens data using the /i Technology. This data can then be fed through to post production to more easily add any computer graphic elements. Camera and lens motion data is often required for post production and the /i metadata saves the cameraman or operator, time in getting correctly calibrated data for the lens motion. The Ulti-head can be used on its own or with the larger MRMC products such as the Modula and the Talos rigs. See Mark Roberts Motion Control for more information about their products for film and broadcast applications, including the Academy Award winning Milo, Cyclops, Talos, Modula and Ulti-head.
Mo-Sys Engineering Ltd
Mo-Sys will use i/ Technology to record lens distortion data for their optical camera tracking system, StarTracker, enabling a smooth mixed-reality filmmaking process.
Optitek manufactures and supplies Smart Canon EF to Sony FZ adapters. Optitek will translate Canon lens encoder information into Cooke /i Technology commands so lens data (focus, aperture, lens type, etc.) can be displayed in camera view finder and recorded as metadata in video files. Camera commands to lens will also be translated into Canon protocol.
Smart Assist is an advanced Video Playback system for digital cinema, recording high quality video from cameras in ProRes format and playing it back in the video village - even streaming to iPhones and iPads. Metadata is a core feature of the systems, retrieving manual metadata from users (scene, shot, take, rating, notes), and automatic metadata (camera settings, lens settings) for every frame. Smart Assist will read lens’ type, serial number, focus, iris and zoom for every frame and store it for precise frame retake, vfx export and 3D vfx realtime preview; follow dolly tracks, motion control systems and lens settings creating appropriate live background plates matching camera and lens changes.
Adding /i Technology to their products
Adding /i Technology to their lenses
LiveGrade Pro with camera and lens metadata creates consistency across workflow and simplifies finishing at each step of production.
Preston Cinema Systems
The FI+Z Three Channel Wireless System for lens and camera control uses /i Technology to show lens focus data on the display of the FI+Z Hand Unit 3 HU3. The lens is connected to the motor driver unit (MDR2) through an adapter cable (Preston Cinema accessory item). The MDR2 sends lens data over its microwave link to the HU3. Having accurate focus information transmitted directly from the lens at all times is a great confidence builder for the focus puller.
P+S Technik
P+S Technik adding /i Technology to their products.
RED has built-in /i Technology support utilizing contacts in the RED camera lens mount for direct metadata capture. The RED 18-50mm Zoom and RED 50-150mm Zoom are also /i equipped.
RE:Vision Effects
Adding /i Technology to their product line.
Samyang's new XEEN cine prime lenses, for large format cameras, provide high resolution image even with the super-fast aperture, T1.3. They also support the /i technology protocol to deliver accurate lens data for the utilization in cinematography.
Service Vision
Scorpio, 3 axis motion control heads incorporate /i Technology.
Sigma incorporate /i Technology in their products.
Sony has built-in /i support utilizing contacts in their Sony Venice, F35, 9000PL, F3, F5, F55 and F65 camera lens mount for direct metadata capture. Sony prime lenses and zoom built for the F3 camera also incorporate /i Technology.
The Foundry
The Foundry plans to incorporate /i Techology capability into future Nuke software releases. It will have an in-built 3D camera tracker, to which the user can provide additional hints and constraints about the shoot to recreate the camera –- for example, which lens was used. In addition, shoot lens distortion grids with different focal lengths, and the /i data will give you an accurate focal length. Use a lens tool to undistort the plate, then use the camera tracker within Nuke to reapply this to the footage. Having the /i data will make the tracking process much simpler, particularly since lens distortion changes with the zoom.
The Pixel Farm
The Pixel Farm's PF Track software fully supports the /i system, syncing lens data with the picture to allow for better tracking. /i Technology supplies real lens data with the picture to allow for better tracking. The Pixel Farm partnered with Cooke Optics and Codex Digital to deliver the next generation of metadata capture for film and digital cameras, bringing significant advancements to matchmoving and and post production.The new /i Square Technology system will build on the capabilities of /i Technology, already supported by PFTrack, and includes inertial tracking data in addition to key lens data to aid post-production and VFX teams.
Transvideo’s CineMonitorHD have built-in /i Technology that can display lens data on the monitor. A graphic representation of the iris, focus and depth-of-field is a great benefit to the camera crew.
Vision Research - Ametek Materials Analysis Division
Vision Research is adding /i Technology to their Phantom High-Speed Cameras.
Vitec is adding /i Technology to their products.
Adding /i Technology to their product line.