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5/i S35

Focal length range: 18mm-135mm (9 lenses)

Format: Super35

Mount: PL 

Speed: T1.4


5/i S35

See in the dark like never before with T1.4 speed and a focus ring that illuminates when you need it. Harness the visibility you need without affecting the light coming into the camera, allowing you to get the perfect shot each time.


Superior optical and mechanical performance, control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and spherical aberrations at full aperture.


T1.4 speed and a focus ring that eliminates the need for an external lamp.


Colour matched and compatible with Cooke S4/i, miniS4/i, CXX 15-40 mm T2 S4/i Zoom, 18-100mm T3.0 and 25-250mm T3.7 and the SK4 16mm lenses.


/i Technology collects detailed lens data for production, VFX and post-production teams.

See the Range

5/i Showreel

Credits: 5/i S35


All Features

The optics are designed to give maximum performance at full aperture with superior control of flare, distortion and spherical aberration.

Ergonomically designed to have smooth and accurate travel – whilst utilising precision mechanics to provide a consistent feel in operation through the entire focus movement.

All 5/i series primes have standardised 0.8 MOD focus and iris drive gears.

All 5/i prime lenses are colour balanced and colour matched – ensuring consistency across the series.

All 5/i lenses have a patented back-lit, variable illumination focus ring, with factory calibrated focus scales with clearly identifiable distance marks.

Durable and hard wearing surface finish to meet the needs of the most demanding environmental conditions.

All Cooke 5/i primes have a true T1.4 aperture and cover Super35 format.

The Cooke /i Technology ecosystem provides critical lens metadata such as focus and iris position as well as individually calibrated lens distortion and shading maps. Suitable for the most modern VFX applications such as Virtual Production shooting.

Optimised for the series and suitable for all shooting applications.

The 5/i series of prime lenses feature a seven-leaf linear module iris assembly, providing an aperture range of T1.4-T22.

Precision PL mount with i/Technology electrical contacts.

All 5/i series prime lenses are designed for full performance and reliability with a minimum of downtime.


T-Stop Range
Angular Rotation of Iris Scale
Min. Marked Object Distance
Close Focus from Lens Front
Angular Rotation to MOD Endstop
Max. Diagonal Angle of View for Super 35 Format
Length from Front of Lens to Lens Mount
Max Front Diameter
Total Weight
350 mm 14 in350 mm 14 in350 mm 13 in400 mm 16 in500 mm 20 in600 mm 2 ft650 mm 2 ft 3 in750 mm 2 ft 6 in800 mm 2 ft 9 in
120 mm 5 in120 mm 5 in120 mm 5 in171 mm 7 in270 mm 11 in370 mm 1 ft 3 in420 mm 1 ft 4 in520 mm 1 ft 8 in531 mm 1 ft 8 in
171 mm 6.73 in171 mm 6.79 in177 mm 6.9 in177 mm 6.9 in177 mm 6.9 in177 mm 6.9 in177 mm 6.9 in 177 mm 6.9 in219mm 8.6 in
110 mm 4.33 in110 mm 4.33 in110 mm 4.33 in110 mm 4.3 in110 mm 4.3 in110 mm 4.3 in110 mm 4.3 in 110 mm 4.3 in136 mm 5.3 in
3.03 kg 6.67 lbs2.89 kg 6.56 lbs2.7 kg 6.1 lbs2.7 kg 6.1 lbs3.2 kg 7.1 lbs3 kg 6.8 lbs2.9 kg 6.6 lbs2.8 kg 6.4 lbs5.1 kg 11.2 lbs