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/i Technology Lens Display System

Using the /i Lens Display System from Cinematography Electronics you can see the actor in front of you and the focus setting on the lens beside you without moving your head. Subject distance is provided by the optional Cinematography Electronics Cine Tape Measure System and is continuously updated and shown in the upper-most LED display in the photo below.

Used with Cooke /i lenses, the /i Lens Display System displays focusing distance, aperture, depth of field, hyper focal distance, serial number, owner data, lens type and focal length in both meters and feet, and for zoom lenses, the zoom position. The /i Lens Display System offers you at-a-glance graphic information regarding depth-of-field, lens focus and – in conjunction with Cinematography Electronics Cine Tape Measure – the ability to see the subject’s actual focus distance.

The control jog wheel (lower right of photo) allows you to display different information in the top window, such as: hyper focal length, subject distance and focus marks. In addition, you can also display the entrance pupil position and angle-of-view, information that could save you hours of prep time before a motion control shoot.

Cooke /i Intelligent lenses will work with any film camera to give you continuous remote readout of the precise focus setting, T stop and depth-of-field from electronics inside the lenses. With Arricams and LDS cameras, the lens information is delivered directly through electronic contacts in the Arri lens mount. Used with other cameras, an external connector on a Cooke /i lens attaches by a cable to the Cinematography Electronics /i Lens Display Unit.

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