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Behind The Cine Lens Manual

By: The Cooke Team  |   1 min read

It is probably impossible to work with motion picture equipment and not be aware of The Cine Lens Manual, a definitive guide on the cinema optics that was published last year.

Up until it arrived, there really was no single source of information for those interested in lenses – cinematographers, directors, visual effects artists, camera assistants, animators, technical journalists, historians, students, rental house technicians — anyone looking for a deeper understanding of cinema optics.

Co-authored by Jay Holben and Christopher Probst, ASC – with more than 60 years of experience between them as cinematographers, technical journalists and educators; and written in clear, easily-digestible language, The Cine Lens Manual is unlike anything else that has ever been written on the subject, and a valuable resource for our industry.

We invited Jay and Christopher to Cooke in Burbank, and our Chairman, Kees van Oostrum, ASC spoke to them about creating the Manual, the creative process behind it and some of the hot topics in our industry – lens character, revival of S35 format and more.

We have compiled a series of short interview films, you can watch the series on our You Tube channel.

Episode 1 – Introduction

Episode 2 – What Makes a Lens

Episode 3 – Lens Manufacturers

Episode 4 – The Nature of Lens Character

Episode 5 – Rebirth of S35

Episode 6 – Zoom Lenses

Episode 7 – Evolution of Lens Design

Episode 8 – The Cooke Look®


If you are interested in purchasing the book please follow this link.