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Cinematographer Pan Luo (CNSC / ASC) chooses Cooke Anamorphic/i FF on his documentary series China

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By: The Cooke Team  |   1 min read

China is a big country and has five thousand years history, but how to explain China in a documentary?

While shooting the documentary (China), cinematographer Mr. Pan Luo, (CNSC /  ASC) often thought about this question and hoped to find a way to perfectly present the artistic concept of China. The concept is neither a simple theory nor an abstract statement, but a real image that can be present in front of people, to tell the stories of China, convey the voice of China and show the evolution of Chinese civilisation.

Throughout the history of Chinese paintings, no matter in nature, society, politics, or religion, morality, lyricism, the content of painting and artistic creation has never been limited.

Lou Pan documentary China
Luo Pan China horizontal

Mr. Pan Luo is most fascinated by Chinese long scroll paintings. Long scroll painters like Wu Zhen of the Yuan Dynasty, Tang Bohu of the late Ming Dynasty, or Gong Xian of the Qing Dynasty, their works have greatly inspired Mr. Pan Luo.

Since the wonderful traditional Chinese long scroll paintings, Mr. Pan Luo wanted to find a tool to create a super-wide frame which can look like Chinese long scroll paintings, and the Cooke Anamorphic/i FF lenses provide the frame that Mr.Pan Luo wanted to present exactly.

Anamorphic:i FF
Luo Pan China image 1
Luo Pan image 3

The unrivalled 3:1 frame ratio handles demanding tasks perfectly and provides an extraordinary manner and temperament to the documentary. During the shooting process with Cooke lenses, Mr.Pan Luo found there were no distortion in visual range. The shooting process went smoothly whenever shooting the vast horizon or the dense woods.

Mr.Pan Luo also praised Cooke lenses as “a pen in the hand of artist” and recommended that other artists could choose Cooke lenses to present their inner art.

Luo Pan Interview