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SP3 Mount change

By: The Cooke Team  |   2 min read

Cooke introduced the full frame SP3 primes for mirrorless cameras in September 2023. Based on the Cooke Speed Panchro, one of the most influential lenses in film history, SP3 is a new design optimised optically and mechanically for mirrorless cameras.

The lens series features a user interchangeable rear lens mount and all future orders will be eligible for a choice of RF-, L-, or M-mount as a free second mount with their purchase, as well as the E-mount fitted to the lens at point of purchase.

The ability to swap lens mounts in a simple and time efficient way presents many benefits. If you’re using multiple camera systems, then a lens set can be used across these different manufacturers cameras with ease. Popular cameras from Sony such as the FX series or the RED Komodo along with Panasonic Lumix and the latest Blackmagic cameras are amongst those compatible with SP3.

Even if you own one camera you may wish to rent a different one for certain shoots. With interchangeable mounts your platform choice isn’t limited. Crucially, the lenses are a future proof investment as you’re not tied to one camera system should you choose to upgrade in the future.

Swapping the mount is a straightforward process. Along with the mounts and shims provided by Cooke, you’ll need a T6 Torx Driver and 2mm Hex Driver. The mount change should be carried out in a clean environment. Each lens mount is universal and can be used across any of the focal length in the set.


IMG_5188 copy

Keep the front cap on your lens and place it straight down on a flat worksurface and then remove the rear cap. Unscrew the 4 Torx screws around the mount making sure to keep them safe. Lift up and remove the mount and the shims below it.

Switching to your Hex Driver remove the 4 screws that are now exposed before lifting out the spacer and spacer shim. This completes the mount removal process, and you can now fit your alternative mount.

Add the appropriate spacer shim and spacer – there is one orientation alignment so match up the screws and holes as appropriate. Replace the Hex screws making sure not to overtighten; a snug hand tightness is sufficient.

Replace the mount shims and add the alternative mount before replacing the Torx screws again to a snug hand tightness.

A note on shims: SP3 lenses come with E-mount as standard, and these mounts have shims installed at the Cooke factory. Copy the number of shims installed on E-mounts when installing other mounts. If after changing mounts you find that the lens focuses at infinity before the marked position on the lens barrel, then install an additional shim behind the mount. If it doesn’t reach infinity, then remove a shim from behind the mount. Additional shims are provided with the lens mounts.

Cooke SP3 mount change instructional video

Step-by-step video on how to change the mounts on your SP3 lenses.