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What Makes S8/i FF Lenses Special - Iain Neil Interview

Cooke S8i FF 50mm 3qtr side feature image
By: The Cooke Team  |   1 min read

The S8/i FF is the Cooke flagship range of cine primes: state of the art, high speed, full frame lenses designed specifically for digital motion capture. S8 represents an evolution of The Cooke Look™ and delivers beautiful and emotive images.

Cooke introduced the first seven focal lengths of the S8/i series last March, and this month announced the launch of four new focal length lenses – 27mm, 35mm, 65mm and the highly anticipated 18mm.

The Cooke design team is supported by Chief Optics Advisor Iain Neil who this year received the Gordon E. Sawyer Award (Oscar® Statuette) for his “substantial, extensive and innovative lens designs which have had lasting impact in motion picture cinematography.”