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/i Technology


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Downloads Camera lens definitions for VFX

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/i Technology is a metadata protocol that enables film and digital cameras to automatically record key lens data for every frame shot. Equipment identification is by the serial number and lens type. Metadata includes focal length, focus distance, zoom position, near and far focus, hyper focal distance, T-stop, horizontal field of view and entrance pupil position. Data is recorded in either metric or imperial and can be selected for either format.

The information is digitally recorded for every frame, at any frame rate up to 285 fps and is stored as metadata. Human error is eliminated because there is no longer a need for the script supervisor to manually write down lens settings for every shot.

Equipment from /i Technology partners can communicate directly with the lens to help operators do their job better, faster and more accurately.
For post production:
The data is imbedded as metadata on cameras with /i capability, like the ARRI Alexa, Sony Venice, F3, F5, F55, F65, and RED cameras. For cameras without the ability to store the metadata with the picture information, record onto your camera’s internal memory card or an external recorder.

Attach the lens to the camera and forget about it. The ARRI Alexa, RED, Sony Venice, F35, F3, F5, F55 and F65 digital cameras, and Aaton Penelope and Arricam film cameras all have /i contacts in their lens mounts that will read your /i equipped lens. Easy. Normal operations on set are not affected. Metadata recording takes place without having to monitor or manipulate anything. /i Technology provides the framework; the extent of camera data made available is the choice of the camera manufacturer via their software and software upgrades, so check with the camera manufacturer for details.

Yes, if the equipment and software that is used in post respects metadata integrity.

Products that display the /i logo, from acquisition through post, are compatible with all other /i Technology products. This means you can use your /i lens from Cooke, RED, Angenieux, Canon, Fujinon, Sony or DigiOptical with any other /i Technology product, confident of compatibility throughout the production process. The integrity of the metadata will be maintained.

The electronics inside each /i lens connects to resistive sensing strips calibrated in absolute values. As soon as the power is applied, the data is available instantly without the need for an initialization procedure. The lens accepts specific commands that control the data output, including a continuous mode that can send a constantly updated data stream at up to 285 fps.

By ensuring that /i is used during production, having that dead-on, accurate frame-by-frame information, painlessly obtained, will save valuable and expensive time in post, because you just helped them take the guesswork out of the mix. Artists create visual effects and 3D models that are more accurate, with much greater speed. You achieve a better quality end product in less time. Everybody wins – ACs, DPs, Directors, Producers, VFX Artists – EVERYBODY.

Data records to digital or film recording medium or to a memory card. No specialists are required on set and the DP needn’t worry about fussing with complicated accessories.

Yes. With /i compatible motor controls systems, the /i metadata is used to automatically and precisely drive both lenses. The electronic calibration of the /i metadata represents the exact optical parameters of the lenses, like the focus setting and aperture, so the two lenses are matched much more precisely than when driven in open loop without /i.

Feel free to use any of the information provided in our publicly provided documents and website. If you wish to become an/i Technology partner, use the “/i Technology” logo, or need access to any of the non-disclosed technical information, please contact us here.