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ELDR - Deer Skin

‘Deer Skin' is a photographic movement piece exploring themes of abuse, coercion, subjugation, and racial violence.

Lens/Camera Information
Lens series: Cooke SP3
Focus lengths:
Camera: Sony FX6
Format: Digital
Original aspect ratio:

Production Information
Production: Deer Skin
Director of Photography: Luciana Riso
Director: Philip James McGoldrick
Producers: Marina Elderton, Philip James McGoldrick
Colourist: Sharon Chi Ki Chung
Production company: EMC Productions
Rental company: Shift 4
Instagram: lucianariso

We, as a group of friends and creatives wanted to record Marina’s/ELDR next music video together. Cooke kindly had approached me inviting me to test their new SP3. What better chance to do so than on a creative super indie music video?

With the support of SHIFT4 we got a full frame camera package: FX6 with basic accessories, sticks and 3ft slider. To get the most of out the lenses we knew we needed to go with a full frame camera. Our aims were to narrate this little story in a creative way and to test the purity of the glass. We decided to exclude the use of any filter. The artist required the film to be black and white, and I thought this was a perfect scenario to test softness, contrast and rendition of the lenses.

We shot during daytime inside a single large space with a max of two small lights. The film is a narrative-choreography piece which involves two situations of camera work; one being a static emplacement where things develop and reveal in front of the camera and a second situation is where the camera dances alongside the dancers.
I found the lenses to be as satisfactory as any other Cooke glass. The now classic softness characteristic of Cooke was perfect to capture the skin tones and gave the required softness to the skin when needed on Marina’s head shots. I absolutely loved the weight as I could feel quite free when dancing and doing handheld work. We tried a few of the sizes and they were pretty consistent. These set of lenses are what you need for your indie production, be it documentary, narrative or even your music video, you can bring the legendary ‘Cooke look’ with you.