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Visit Cooke at Cine Gear Expo Los Angeles - 7-8 June 2024

Cooke Optics Cine Gear Expo 2024
By: The Cooke Team  |   1 min de lectura

Cooke is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at Cine Gear Expo LA 7-8 June. With this year’s Expo taking place at Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, Cooke will be located at booth 627 on Midwestern street.

This year Cooke will showcase their PL-mount cine lenses and the new mirrorless SP3 across nine cameras on the stand.

Cooke will bring flagship spherical S8/i FF lenses, Varotal/i FF zooms, full set of Macro/i FF as well as a selection of lenses from Anamorphic/i FF and Panchro/i Classic FF series to test at the Expo.

Additionally, this will be the first chance to try the new mirrorless SP3 lenses with all of the user-changeable mount options. E-, RF-, L- and M-mount SP3 lenses will be available on a selection of cameras from Sony, ARRI, RED and Blackmagic.

Visit Cooke booth to learn more about /i Technology, Cooke’s industry standard metadata platform that captures lens attributes for digital workflows. Jordan Thistlewood, MD of the recently launched Cooke Digital business unit that will develop a range of tools to bring the power and beauty of high-end lenses to digital workflows, will be attending the Expo, alongside Cooke North America team.