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“Who’s There?” Shot on S8/i FF

By: The Cooke Team  |   1 min de lectura

Like most short films, the production of “Who’s There?” was a labor of love from longtime friends, collaborators and filmmakers coming together to bring an idea to life. Horror movies tend to be the hardest because they are almost always overnights in the winter but our team was passionate and thanks to all their efforts we were able to make something great.

“Who’s There?” Is a short horror/thriller that primarily takes place in a home’s entryway. We stick the audience right with our main character in this small space while fear overwhelms him. To acquire the look and feel, a full frame sensor and lenses were needed to make our tight location work. Cooke S8’s became the ideal lens choice as they allowed fast apertures and open gate LF coverage. Luckily, our local rental house, Talamas, had a full set that we were able to test and reserve for our shoot. On top of the technical, the S8’s provided the three dimensionality and subtle focus rolloff that make Cooke lenses so special. All of these qualities gave our film the rendering and life we were hoping to achieve.

Director of Photography Nick Kolinsky

Project IG

Director Ryan Doris 

Producer Alecia Orsini

Lead Actor Garland Scott

Lead Actress Kallie Tabor 

Rental House Talamas

“Who’s There?” BTS

"Who's There" BTS
"Who's There" BTS
"Who's There" BTS
"Who's There" BTS
Nick Kolinsky, "Who's There" BTS
Nick Kolinsky

"Who's there" Teaser