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GEMO - Gong Li

Commercial for beauty product GEMO featuring Gong Li.

“I chose Cooke Panchro/i Classic FF for the lovely focus fall-off, creamy bokeh and lovely skin tones with a slightly warm colour rendition.”Eric Oh, CSC, MYSC, Director of Photography

Shot on Cooke Panchro/i Classic FF – GEMO

Lens/Camera Information
Lens series: Panchro/i Classic FF & S7/i FF
Focus lengths: 25, 32, 50, 75, 100, 135mm & 18mm
Camera: Red Monstro (2), Red Komodo
Format: Digital
Director of Photography: Eric Oh, CSC, MYSC

Production Information
Production: GEMO – Gong Li
Director: Yohan 司
Production Company: Seezee Culture
Rental House: Transpa Lux

DOP Eric Oh, CSC, MYSC on the lens of his choice:

Commercial for GEMO featuring Gong Li. We shot this just outside Paris using 2 Red Monstros, a Red Komodo (on a gimbal) and Cooke Panchro/i Classic FF lenses.   I love the Large Format look so chose to shoot this commercial using Red Monstros and as we have limited time with Gong Li, went with a 2 camera shoot. Moreover with the large VV sensor I can get a much shallower depth of field as that was the look that the director and I wanted for the Medium and Close Up shots. The Red Komodo was only for select gimbal shots. I chose Cooke Panchro/i Classic FF for the lovely focus fall-off, creamy bokeh and lovely skin tones with a slightly warm colour rendition. I’ve always been a big fan of the Cooke Look.

We had very limited time to shoot as we only had 2 days to shoot this commercial and we had to share Gong Li’s time with the still photography team that was shooting the scenes right after us. Moreover, I also had to share some of my large light fixtures with them so I could not re-light for the next scene/set-up while the stills team were shooting. Overall, I am pretty pleased with the project however, the director and I wanted a more contrasty and cinematic look, which is how I lit the commercial. Alas, that’s the world of commercials where clients and agency (especially in Asia/China) always want to see their celebrity’s face fully lit so some shots were heavily lifted in the grade making Gong Li look a little flat in some shots.

Full Credits

Director: Yohan Ji
Executive Producers: Sun Zheng, Gao Fei, Wang Long
Producer: Bobby Line
Producer: Ai Vee Leong
Director’s Producer: Teresa Leong
1st AD: Jean Paul Allegre
DP & A Cam Op: Eric Oh, CSC MYSC
B-Cam/Gimbal Operator: Vladimir Milosevic
A-Cam 1st AC: Florent Stromboli
A-Cam 2nd AC: Théo Lagrange
B-Cam 1st AC: Kelly Pardels
B-Cam 2nd AC: Axel Roug
Gaffer: Felicien Forest
Key Grip: Vladimir Duranovic
Dolly Grip: Thibaut Guenois
Online: Wang Zeshang, :is Chu, Hao Cheng
3D: Liu Chu, Liu Fan-sen, Yang Shan
Colourist: Zhang Guangyao
Production Company: Seezee Culture

Camera, Grip & Lighting: Transpalux

Shot on location at Château de Champlâtreux, France.