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Corporate Film

Siemens Healthineers WeScan Remote Scanning

Commercial for remote scanning of patients

“Of all the zooms I've tested, the Cooke Varotal/i FF is my favourite because it possesses the beautiful Cooke Look while maintaining amazing optical performance throughout the zoom range.”Brandon Peterson, Director of Photography

Shot on Cooke Varotal/i FF – Siemens Healthineers

Lens/Camera Information
Lens series: Varotal/i FF
Focus lengths: 30-95mm, 85-215mm
Camera: RED V-Raptor VV 8K
Format: Digital
Rental company: BP40 Creative
Director of Photography: Brandon Peterson

Production Information
Production: Siemens Healthineers WeScan Remote Scanning
Directors: Marc Junker
Colourist: Sebastian Kilinski
Production Company: Rabbitz Film AG
Product Company: Seimens Healthineers
Awards: World Media Festivals Gold Award

DOP Brandon Peterson on the lens of his choice:

I decided on the Cooke Varotal/i FF cinema zoom lenses because I need the flexibility of a zoom while still maintaining a cinematic look with smooth focus rolloff and beautiful lens flares. When shooting mini docs, I typically don’t have time to switch lenses so I like to shoot on matching RED V-Raptor camera rigs with the Varotal FFi 30-95mm on the A cam and the 85-215mm on the B cam. Between these two cameras, we have amazing full frame coverage from 30mm all the way up to 215mm in two relatively compact and lightweight setups. The Varotals look almost exactly like Cooke S7i primes and are only slightly larger and are supremely durable and well-built.

Of all the zooms I’ve tested, the Cooke Varotal is my favorite because it possesses the beautiful Cooke look while maintaining amazing optical performance throughout the zoom range. The Varotals perform like a prime because they have amazing corner to corner sharpness, super minimal distortion and vignetting, and virtually no focus breathing. I actually prefer the flares on the Varotal over the primes since there are more orbs as a result of the additional groups of elements in the zooms and they produce a warm, soft, and beautiful flare.