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JBL "Authentic Sound. Authentic You": Shot on SP3

By: The Cooke Team  |   2 min de lectura

This new JBL advert was shot on SP3 by cinematographer Joel Honeywell. We asked Joel for his thoughts on the new lenses.

«I’d collaborated with the director before. Always an enjoyable experience – her style is precise, fun and high concept. Director Lucrecia is a big fan of shooting on the Sony Venice in 6K Open Gate and extracting/cropping for what she needs. As such, the option of switching formats for a s35 camera wasn’t on the table. I needed a full frame lens option to pair with the Venice, that also provided a decent level of character. Sharp, but enough softness to balance out the digital crispness associated with such a sensor.

When I heard Cooke had produced these new lenses, being familiar with their library of looks, I was keen to get my hands on them to see if I could get that classic speed panchro s2 look on a full frame sensor. We tested the SP3 side by side with another series, in crude lighting conditions, and myself and the director were impressed with what we saw. We were very keen to shoot Cooke!

When it came to colour reproduction the lenses are very close, I was surprised that they translated the different lighting environments without too much work finessing, they are impressively contrast-y when needed without the shadows being too crunchy, to hold essential detail – but like all imagery, there is some massaging, rebalancing and tweaks of colour reproduction, in this case by the brilliant colourist Luke Morrison.»