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Music Promo

The Beatles 'Here Comes The Sun'

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles 1969 studio masterpiece ‘Abbey Road’ a new video was made for the...

“To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles 1969 studio masterpiece ‘Abbey Road’ a new video was made for the album’s timeless George Harrison composition ‘Here Comes the Sun’. Directed by Alasdair & Jock, Production Company Trunk Animation, Produced by Maria Manton.”

Lens/Camera Information
Lens series: s4/i
Focus lengths: 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm & 135mm
Other lenses: Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm, Zeiss ZF 50mm, Arri Macro 100mm
Original Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Camera: Arri Alexa Mini
Format: Digital
Rental Company:  Take 2 Films

DOP Information
Director of Photography:  Peter Ellmore

Production Information
Production: The Beatles ‘Here Comes The Sun’
Producer: Maria Manton
Director: Alasdair and Jock
Colourist: Jonny Thorpe
Production Company: Trunk Animation
Post Production Company: Alasdair and Jock

DOP Peter Ellmore on his camera and lens choice:
“The Beatles are such a quintessential English rock band that choosing Cooke lenses for this project seemed like the only way to go. The promo mixed archive film footage and photographs of the band. A combination of Cooke lenses and Alexa Mini would achieve an organic quality to help blend all these different elements together.

I considered using older Cooke Series lenses but as this project involved VFX work, I felt that the S4s would give me the classic look I wanted but would still retain a modern optical quality that would give post a clean image to work with. Like the remastered music, the S4s are a modern redesign of classic Cooke Optics.

The shoot involved a day at Abbey Road’s Studio Two where The Beatles recorded their iconic album. Another day was spent shooting the puppeteered and animated photographs that would all be put together to achieve the effect of the sun forming above the instruments.

The look of the Cooke lenses really helped with the feel I was aiming for and enhanced the warmth and saturated colours that I wanted to bring to the sunrise.”