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Realme X50 - “Don’t Wait” ft. YangZi

Realme X50 phone introduction video featuring YangZi

“Realme X50 phone introduction video featuring YangZi”

Lens/Camera Information
Lens series: S7/i
Focus lengths: 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
Original Aspect Ratio:
Format: Digital
Rental Company: ZhongBo Film, Hainan 深圳市中播企业文化策划有限公司

DOP Information
Director of Photography: Arden Tse
Wechat: ardentse

Production Information
Production: Realme X50 – “Don’t Wait” ft. YangZi
Director: Angie Su

DOP Arden Tse on his lens choice: The decision of choosing S7i was made easy. It first came in my mind when I learnt that the talent we are featuring in this commercial was the current top one actress YangZi in China. She’s known to have a pleasant and soft look to her facial features, I thought the Cooke look with the warmer and gentler lines on the edges could be perfectly supplementary. As I have expected, the result looked exactly like how I have imagined, with the past experience with Cooke mini S4,S4, Panchro Classic, 5i, anamorphic, Anamorphic SF, once again Cooke optics have me what I needed for the look I was crafting. I wouldn’t have picked Cooke if I was looking for very Sharp edges as well as not so milky out of focus blurs. In addition. I wanted to mention the S7i was the first set of lenses for me in the large format world. The first introduction video that I saw impressed me with a shot, which I believe was a 50mm shot in the woods, with a wide 32mm field of view but with a very shallow sort of 75mm depth of field. It was back lit, Golden and gorgeous shot. Overall, Cooke led me to believe whenever I needed the Cooke look for the project, I’ll be able to get the consistent one and it never fails.“ ”