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Redskins "Unleash Yourself"

Redskins digital campaign #Unleashyourself A new generation is coming !

Redskins digital campaign #Unleashyourself A new generation is coming !

Over 2 Million views on youtube

Lens/Camera Information
Lens series: Anamorphic/i
Focus lengths: 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm Diopter +1 +2 +3
Original Aspect Ratio: 2,39 for 2,8k delivery
Camera: Arri Alexa Mini
Format: Digital
Rental Company:  Bagarre

DOP Information
Director of Photography:  David Moerman
Agent: Cinélite /

Production Information
Production: La barone
Producer: Mathilde dorshner
Director: David  & lolie  feat O.S.A.K.A.H
Production Company: La Barone

DOP David Moerman on his lens choice:
“ Cooke anamorphic/i optics is a set that I particularly appreciate. I’ve been a Cooke fan and part of the Cooke community for most of my projects.  Some like German cars, I’ve always preferred English ones. Same thing for the lenses. If I should describe it, I would say, the Cooke look has a strong character with a gentleness in it. The Cooke Look characterises itself by the softness of his light interpretation. In some situations where I would usually use a lot of diffusion for my lightning, anamorphic lenses help by naturally diffusing and create a homogeneity in the entire picture. Skin tones are a great example. Way more agile than a soft FX filter, the Cooke look succeeds in spreading a softness with clear and precise outlines and pronounced contrast. This is a result that I’ve never found somewhere else.

The Cooke Look works also primarily on colours because of the internal lenses that bring a special harmony. Sometimes it happens that on set, you have to work with backgrounds or costumes colours that aren’t optimal. Some of them can even look awkward at some point. The Cooke Look allows you to match and harmonize these rebel colours with the rest of the set without altering the idea. It works almost the way a pre-colour grading would work. I have observed that, on some vegetal green tones for example.

On the Redskins commercial, the first part shows a lot of vegetation. The gardens, the hedges have some very strong greens. The Cooke look allowed me to homogenise greens with the other colours, helping viewers to concentrate on the narrative. His light softness brings subtle gradations. That’s the way I like to work with colours. Mixing them using gradations and temperatures. I often use 2 or 3 colours on faces. The Cooke Look helps me harmonising them.

I’m not a fan of the fish-eye look. Anamorphic lenses bring generally an outside oriented distortion curve when using short focal length and it can be annoying. With Cooke anamorphics, distortions are softer and oriented toward the inside which allows the eye to stay focused on the middle of the frame. Once again, Cooke Optics allowed me to fulfill my needs and helped me to focus the audience on my characters, giving low priority to the backgrounds and architecture beyond my expectations.”