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Classic Cookes

Classic Cookes - Series VI Portrait Anastigmat; 1908 - 1930

Classic Cooke portrait lens
By: The Cooke Team  |   1 min de lecture

18” T5.6 Series VI Portrait Anastigmat – Serial 129745 – In Production from 1908 until approximately 1930 (No Patents on record!)

Introduced in 1908 “for artistic portraiture in the daylight studio and for outdoor work” this early anastigmat featured a variable soft-focus effect. The Series VI Portrait Anastigmats came in 13”, 16” and 18” equivalent focus sizes with an adjustable aperture range of f/5.6 to f/22.

Designed for plate photography and enlargers, the adjustable soft focus “enabled the photographer to introduce, at will, spherical aberration evenly over the whole plate. The diffusion adjustment [was] accomplished simply by turning the finger-grip provided on the mount, while a bold and easily read scale indicated the degree of diffusion produced.”

Classic Cooke portrait lens, side view
Classic Cooke portrait lens, focus pull
Classic Cooke portrait lens

If used in a dark room for enlarging then “a stop device clicks off the degrees of diffusion”.

A catalogue from 1922 shows the 18” Anastigmat retailing for £40, 0 shillings and 0 pence. The series was later upgraded to become the VIa, which was branded as the “Portronic” and sold for £35 in the UK and $259 across the pond!

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