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Launch of new Cooke Digital business

Cooke i Technology
By: The Cooke Team  |   2 min de lecture

Cooke creates new business unit specifically to develop software-enabled products for post-production, VFX, virtual production, animation and gaming with /i Technology

Cooke is excited to announce the creation of its new Cooke Digital business unit, headed by newly-recruited Jordan Thistlewood (Managing Director, Cooke Digital).

Cooke’s /i Technology has long been recognised as the film industry’s leading lens metadata platform, creating a powerful position in the market and licenced to key partners across the world of cinematography.

Over the last year, Cooke has successfully built on that base with the introduction of Near Real-Time post-production capability in partnership with EZtrack, and has been exploring numerous other opportunities to extend Cooke’s role across the increasingly convergent creative markets from live action capture to animation and gaming.

Building on the foundation established by /i, Cooke will create a range of tools to bring the power and beauty of high-end lenses to digital workflows. Whether that be for virtual scouting and pre-production planning, on-set creative workflows with or without LED walls, virtual cinematography for animation and games, or accelerated workflows for VFX and post-production.

Innovative cine lenses have long been at the heart of Cooke’s success, and the recent launch of the SP3 mirrorless prime lens series has demonstrated Cooke’s ambition to enable creatives across the wider industry to enhance the visual narrative of their stories. A key third strategic focus area, Cooke Digital will leverage the company’s capabilities in a further exciting new direction.

Leading this new chapter for Cooke, Jordan will be based at the new Cooke London location in Fitzrovia, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of developing software services for post-production, VFX and animation gained at Epic Games and Foundry.