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Desire Change

This video is about having to let go, full discovery, love, strength, hurt and self.

“This video is about having to let go, full discovery, love, strength, hurt and self. It's about going through an intense relationship and breakup; that pull and push factor - not wanting to cause pain to someone by leaving but not being able to resist the desire to change and explore yourself. I have been trusted with this concept by Vincenzo Bella (Composer & Artist) and developed the visuals along with Harriet Waghorn and Carmine De Amicis (Choreographers, Dancers & Directors).”

Lens/Camera Information
Lens series: Anamorphic/i Full Frame Plus 1.8x
Focus length: 50mm, 85mm Macro
Original Aspect Ratio: 2.71:1
Cameras: Kinefinity MAVO LF
Format: Digital
Rental Company: Shoot Blue
*These were demo lenses and currently not available on hire form Shoot Blue.

DOP Information
Director of Photography: Matteo Bangrazi

Production Information
Production: Desire Change
Directors: Matteo Bangrazi, Harriet Waghorn and Carmine De Amicis
Colourist: Matteo Bangrazi

DOP Matteo Bangrazi  on the production and his lens choices
“As a Digital Camera owner I always look for ways to knock off the clinical, sterile digital edge; except when the story I am shooting requires the complete sharpness that digital provides, in which case I embrace it. Filters and lenses become paramount in the conversation a Cinematographer tries to establish with the viewer; Cooke’s Anamorphics always did that for me, and here, I tried to have the lenses tell a story of self doubt and discovery in a very confined space – exploring a new format.

Shooting during lockdown proved difficult, under a number of aspects, but I embraced the challenges presented because in my opinion a new creative process, that does not always find its way into sets, comes into play. The crew amounted to four people between choreographer/dancers and technicians. I have been blown away but how much faster things moved.

The highlight of the shoot has to be the flexibility of the 85mm Macro. As mentioned before the lovely softening on the edges of frame helps a lot with the digital. I have been shooting a lot of dance driven pieces this year and when movement and expressive means meet, you simply end up being over the moon about that close focus on several occasions. I am overall very appreciative of the results of a close to no budget production and the challenges met along the way and I think this specific set of beautiful glass helped the team tell a very human story.”