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Music Promo

Oslo Ess - I Fritt Fall

Offical music video for the song "I Fritt Fall" By the Norwegian band Oslo Ess.

“Offical music video for the song "I Fritt Fall" By the Norwegian band Oslo Ess.”

Lens/Camera Information
Lens series: S4/i
Focus lengths: 21mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, 135mm
Original Aspect Ratio: 2.39
Format: Digital
Rental Company: Storyline

DOP Information
Director of Photography: Kim Berg

Production Information
Production: Oslo Ess – I Fritt Fall
Producer: Simen Moe Mæhlum
Director: Frank Aron Gårdsø
Colourist: Kim Berg
Production Company: SimmCore

DOP Kim Berg on his lens choice:
“This was a very particular project, where we wanted to make a really « slow » video to a very uptempo song. With that in mind we knew we needed lenses with the highest quality and character. After discussing options with Senior Lens Service Technician at Storyline, Mai Dehli and my 1st AC Annicken Aasheim, we quickly found the S4/i series to be the right choice. Originally we wanted to use a lot of glass in front of the lenses like Bruno Aveillan and others have done with amazing results. However there wasn’t time for us to do this to all the shots as imagined. A few made it in there though. Bear in mind that this was approx a zero budget production. Without the help of and their generosity, we wouldn´t be able to create the vision we had in mind. Oslo’s new skyline was the perfect backdrop for the vision we had for the music video. Most of the shots were shot in 400fps. All but two sequences were shot with natural lights. The spinning sequences were actually shot outside as we didn´t manage to get a studio, so we made a makeshift studio outside by setting up a few 20×20 butterfly´s. Here we used an 18kW ARRI Fresnel and a 6K ARRISUN, plus ambient lights from nature:) We shot all location shots in 1 day, and the « studio » shoot was approx 1/2 a day. We were very happy with the result of this one, and we do not regret one second using the S4/i´s, guessing I´ll be seeing more of those in the future. ”