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Weetabix Ultimate Sports Day

Online content - Weetabix competition winners, whose ideas for a sport which ought to be included have won them the...

“Online content - Weetabix competition winners, whose ideas for a sport which ought to be included have won them the prize, participate in a school sports day event at the Olympic park in London with Mo Farah”

ens/Camera Information
Lens series: Cooke MiniS4/i
Focus length: Uncoated 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm T2.8
Other Cooke lens: Cooke S4/i
Focus length: 14mm T2
Non Cooke lens: Arri Alura 15.5-45mm T2.8
Original Aspect Ratio: 1: 1.78
Cameras: Sony PMW F55
Format: Digital
Rental Company: VMI

DOP Information
Director of Photography: Duncan Telford
Agent: Sara Putt

Production Information
Production: Weetabix Ultimate Sports Day
Producer: Corin Taylor
Director: Oliver Hadlee Pearch
Production Company: Blink Productions

DOP Duncan Telford on his camera, lens and equipment choices
“If you’re shooting over a number of days, with only a 1st AC and trainee as crew, a lighting kit that consists of a pocket par, a 1×1 LED and an inflatable frame, your talent are nice normal kids who haven’t done this kind of thing before and a major celeb who you know you’re only going to get one take with each time they’re on camera, you can be certain that you’re going to need a lens package that gives you all the help you can get. We needed to keep costs down as well, so the camera choice was a Sony F55.
Barry Bassett at VMI in London had a set of Uncoated Mini S4/i which were perfect for the job. The plan was to use the pocket par with a fresnel lens to work as 3/4 backlight to ping a bit of flare into the image, the uncoated elements would enhance this, and in addition they would help to introduce the pastel colour palette that I wanted. We were mostly hand held, and whoever was available worked the pocket par.
The lens choice made this work. The Mini S4/i’s natural and organic look worked for the story, the uncoated elements gave it something extra, and when you’re doing run & gun you know you have to give the 1st AC a chance, and with Cooke lenses you can be certain that the focus gear pitch is exactly where any 1st AC wants it to be. The difference this makes can’t be underestimated.”