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CVP Is Appointed as Exclusive Cooke Optics Authorised Service Partner in the UK

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By: The Cooke Team  |   2 min de lecture

CVP, one of Europe’s leading resellers and providers of professional video and broadcast solutions, announced its exclusive appointment as the United Kingdom’s sole Cooke Optics Factory Authorised Service Partner. This remarkable partnership empowers CVP to offer unparalleled first-line support, lens repairs, and servicing for Cooke Optics’ extensive lens range.

CVP’s expert engineers, who are fully trained and accredited by Cooke’s factory, will be able to offer Level 1 and Level 2 lens maintenance and repairs for the following lenses:

  • S8/i FF T1.4 Prime
  • S7/i FF T2.0 Prime
  • Panchro/i Classic T2.2 Prime (S35/FF)
  • Anamorphic/i FF T2.3 Prime
  • Anamorphic/i T2.3 Prime (S35)
  • 5/i T1.4 Prime
  • S4/i T2.0 Prime
  • miniS4/i T2.8 Prime
  • Varotal/i FF T2.9 Zoom


CVP has made substantial investments in cutting-edge equipment, including a state-of-the-art FF Lens Testing Projector (PL/LPL Mounts), Lens Collimator (PL/LPL Mounts), and Factory Tooling (jigs) for optical alignment. This commitment empowers its team of certified engineers to provide lens maintenance of the highest standard, ensuring that creators’ equipment remains in impeccable condition. CVP will also maintain a stock of essential spare parts, ensuring swift and efficient lens servicing, and minimising downtime for content creators.

Dominic Smye-Rumsby, Technical Director at CVP, said, « We are very honoured to assume the role of Cooke Optics’ exclusive Factory Authorised Service Partner in the UK. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to high-level technical excellence and precision engineering. »

Tim Pugh, CEO of Cooke Optics, added, « We are delighted to partner with CVP. Their team’s dedication to precision and quality aligns seamlessly with our values, and we are confident that this partnership will offer the highest level of service to our customers in the UK. »

CVP’s appointment as the solitary Cooke Optics Factory Authorised Service Partner in the UK signifies a momentous milestone, reinforcing its commitment to delivering exceptional support to the professional video and film production community.

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